Racetrack Exercise Riding

Racetrack Exercise Riding Training
To exercise a racehorse you need to enjoy speed and be fearless.

Your weight as an exercise rider up to 140 lb.  If you are aiming to be a jockey 115 lb. or less.

If you already know how to ride, I will work with you to change your riding style to fit the racehorse.

It is said a jockey, pound for pound, is one of the strongest athletes.

While here on the ranch, an exercise program is laid out that will strengthen your body.

You will be taught the rules and regulations of the track.

If you live out of the area, state or the country, accommodations are available.

To work as an exercise rider is a great profession, it could also lead to becoming a jockey.

Your work outside and normally 4 hours in the morning, which gives you the freedom to pursue other goals.

All riding lessons will be taught one on one.

For more information call Rolfe at +1 (661) 644 7287 or e-mail